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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, february 4th. and this morning, an abc news global exclusive. the egyptian president talking only to christiane amanpour, as thousands pour into cairo central square right now. and the white house presses for mubarak to step down. super freeze for the super bowl. snow in texas this morning. and bitter cold leaves much of one entire state without heat, as people shiver in their homes. bad gamble. the brazen bellagio bandit caught on tape robbing casinos is arrested. the judge's son who was living large and his losing move. and the perfect dress for a princess bride. we're revealing the designer who may be behind the wedding gown the day the world watches will and kate tie the knot.
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good morning, everyone. let's get to the pictures of cairo central square. you see crowds of anti-government protesters, amassing, again, for what they're calling a day of departure. they want president mubarak to go. the military is also out in force in the central square today, as well. trying to keep the peace. and so far, even though it's tense in cairo, it's been a relatively calm day. we're going to have live reports from the square right away. but we also have the only interview with president mubarak since this crisis began. he talked to christiane amanpour. and told her, even though he's fed up with the presidency, he will not resign. saying that will bring chaos. >> george, this comes as word from the white house that they're going to be talking with top egyptian officials about the president, president mubarak, stepping down right away. we're going to talk live to chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen. he's live in our studio for a "gma" exclusive.
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but what does this mean for the u.s. and our relationships more importantly in the middle east. >> let's get right away to cairo, and christiane amanpour in that exclusive interview with president mubarak. christiane? >> reporter: good morning, george. and indeed, today, as those huge crowds come out to give yet another massive signal to president mubarak the army is taking a more proactive role to keep the two sides apart. it was, if you like, an accidental interview i had. i went for a meeting with the new vice president. and i was taken to see president mubarak, without a camera. we did speak for 20 to 30 minutes. we took some still pictures. he said i could report what we had talked about. and this is how it went. within minutes, i was whisked in a stately reception room where i came face to face with the man at the center of this storm, egyptian president, hosni mubarak. the president greeted me warmly. and i asked how he was. he said, i feel strong.
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i asked how he feels now that he's agreed to step down. he said, you know, christiane, he told me. i've been in public service for 62 years. and i'm fed up. and i want to retire. but mubarak also told me that he feels he cannot retire now because, quote, there will be chaos. he told me, his biggest fear is that the banned islamic party, the muslim brotherhood, would take over. >> my administration has been closely monitoring the situation in egypt. >> reporter: i asked him if the u.s. called for an immediate transition and if he felt betrayed. he sort of shrugged, but didn't answer. he did, however, say, that obama is a very good man. yet, mubarak told me that he told president obama, you don't understand the egyptian culture. you don't understand what would happen if i retired today. his son, gamal, who many believed would succeed him, was in the room with us. but president mubarak told me something remarkable. he said, he never intended to
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run for another term. and he said, he never planned for his son to run, either. after he leaves office, i asked, where would he go, what would he do? he told me, this is my home. that he has no plans to flee egypt. i will die on egyptian soil, he said. i also asked him if he had ordered his supporters to attack the protesters in the square. he told me know. later, i asked the same question to his newly appointed vice president. i was just talking to president mubarak. and he told me that he did not like what he saw on the streets. >> it's a bad thing. and we never have this before. >> reporter: if they don't leave, which they say they won't until president mubarak leaves, what will you do? will you give an order? >> we will report them. we will not use any violence to take them out. but we will ask them to go home. >> christiane, it seems like a pretty remarkable hour inside that presidential palace.
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no other western journalist has been inside. can you give us more about the mood and the atmosphere inside the palace? >> reporter: i've been there several times before. i interviewed president mubarak years ago. and recently, and of course, it's a much different atmosphere inside the palace. it was practically empty, although i'm sure people were around. but it was much less a bustling kind of environment that i'd been used to seeing there. certainly, i got a feeling that people were clearly tense and quite fearful. and resigned others to whatever fate may hold in store for them. george? >> you mentioned that president mubarak said his biggest fears was that the muslim brotherhood would come in and take power. do you have some news from them this morning? >> reporter: yes. indeed. last night, when i spoke to the vice president, he said that he had already reached out to the muslim brotherhood and would do so, in terms of reaching out to the opposition groups. today, the muslim brotherhood called us and has issued a statement saying that they will not put forth any candidates for any presidential elections.
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nor will they hold any ministerial positions, clearly designed to calm the fears that are being risen about them. and also, to try to counter these lines that mubarak and his ministers have taken. george? >> okay. christiane, thanks very much. of course, you'll have much more on this on "this week" sunday morning. robin? >> she's been reporting from that part of the world for more than two decades. she has unique perspective we'll see again. but the egyptian military. that's what people are wondering. the role seems to change from time to time. guarding the protesters, pouring into central square today. david muir is there with christiane in cairo and has much, much more. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is an extraordinary day unfolding here in tahrir square, just behind me. these are the largest crowds we've seen here in days. robin, there was another marked difference this morning as we made our way to the square. we actually walked across one of those bridges.
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unheard of just 24 hours ago. that military presence, now massive. patting us down and everyone else. making sure that this square, this demonstration, is safer than we've seen the last few days. protesters against this president remained determined and defiant this morning, calling this the day of departure. they want mubarak to step down now. refusing to give into the pro-mubarak masses that have taken them on. the protesters here calling for a massive demonstration, the largest yet. a possible march to the presidential palace. aware of the angry mobs they could face. mobs who have aimed their attacks on journalists here. reporters' faces bloodied. more than 100 journalists have been targeted by mubarak supporters convinced they're trying to bring down the presidency and their country. the new vice president went on state tv, seemingly placing part
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of the blame on four reporters who he said had been biased toward the protesters fueling even more anger. this reporter from icelandic tv, shaken violently, brought to his knees. accused of being a foreign spy. one of our teams coming in from the airport, car jacked, by who they thought were citizen police. abc news producer, brian hartman. >> we ended up being driven into a mob full of people. >> reporter: veteran abc cameraman akram was in the car, too. then, came the threat from the crowd. >> we're going to behead you. there were a dozen men going like this. a man in a police uniform, about as angry as i've seen anybody in my life. he said, so help me, god, i will cut off your head. and went like this. >> reporter: akram, a veteran war photographer, using his instinct, hugging and kissing an elder man. it worked. and this morning here, a prominent egyptian broadcaster on state tv has resigned from the government-run channel.
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>> i walked out yesterday. i can't be part of the propaganda machine. >> reporter: and this kind of resignation is unheard of here in egypt. it's said that the government will likely not forgive her. but given the pictures behind us, the question this morning, how long will this government even last? >> no one knows the answer right now. david, thank you, stay safe. and the white house, as you know, has called for an orderly transition in egypt. and it's been anything but, as you've witnessed. the obama administration looking for ways to ease president mubarak out of office. jake tapper, of course there at the white house. the latest on this. what are they saying now, jake? >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, officials tell me that one of many scenarios is being discussed with the egyptian government and arab and european allies is in one in which mubarak steps down sooner rather than later. and there's an interim government, headed by suleiman, in cop junction with the egyptian military. that's one of many scenarios the obama is emphasizing. the obama administration is saying there's two things that they're pushing for. one is a concrete, tangible announcement of this process, to
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asuede the people on the streets. and the second one, robin, of course, is there not to be any violence in the midst of all the protests. those are the points they are emphasizing with the egyptian government today. >> any timetable they want to see these things happen? >> reporter: they'd like an announcement about an orderly transition process so the people in the street demonstrating could see something tangible is happening. they'd like that to happen in the next day or so. as soon as possible. in terms of mubarak stepping down, they don't want to create a power vacuum for who knows what to fill in. >> another busy day at the white house. jake, thank you. let's get back to george. let's get more on an exclusive interview with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the president's top military adviser, admiral mike mullen. thank you for coming in this morning. let's start out with what jake was talking about. these talks with a series of egyptian officials about the idea of a caretaker government coming in backed by the military. you have had extensive contacts with the military? >> i have. actually, i've talked to my counterpart on two occasions.
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we've agreed to continue those conversations throughout this crisis and really look to what we all hope is an orderly, peaceful, violent-free transition with respect to the discussions, the reports and ongoing discussions about that. that's not something i'm involved in at all. and actually, have not discussed with my military counterparts. >> your relationship with the egyptian military has gone on for 30 years, with extensive cooperation. what do you make of the role the military is playing right now in that square, trying to keep the peace? >> well, in my discussions with general annan, he's assured me he's not going to fire on his people. that they are very focused on the people of egypt. they would like this, clearly, to transition peacefully. there are more army forces out today. you can see them, just in the pictures themselves. they work very hard to remain neutral. and they really do want to continue to do that. >> you mention the army being out in force.
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we have satellite photos showing the military is protecting the square, the presidential palace, the parliament. they are doing their best right now, as you says to keep the violence down. how about what president mubarak told christiane amanpour, as you say, if he left, that there would be chaos. is that your fear? >> obviously, we'd like not to have chaos in any way, shape or form here. it's very difficult in this crisis to know what's going to happen. that's why orderly and in accordance with what the egyptian people want here, in terms of the transition. our president's made it very clear that he would like to see that move reasonably quickly. but at the same time, in the end, this is really up to the egyptian people and the egyptian government. >> it is up to the egyptian people and egyptian government. but we play a role because we give $1.5 billion a year in aid to egypt. and you're starting to see some talk in congress, if we don't see the transition, they're going to consider freezing or cutting the military. that's what senator mccain told
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me yesterday. what would be the consequences of that? >> well, i mean, this is $1.3 billion over the course of 30 years. but beyond just the equipment and those kinds of things, what that does -- has also done is establish a relationship with the egyptian military, which is one between our militaries of great strength. and there's some intangibles associated with that, tied to how they handle themselves and how they focus and what they understand about who they should be, which are very, very positive. so, again, there's a lot of uncertainty out there. and i would just caution against doing anything until we really understand what's going on. i recognize that certainly is a significant investment. but it's an investment that's paid off over a long period of time. >> so, don't freeze the aid precipitously? >> well, that's obviously not mine to decide, but at the same time, i'd like to understand a little bit more about what's going on before we took any specific action. >> we're seeing the wave of
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protests across the middle east. we saw the government fall in tunisia. protests in jordan. protests in yemen. given all this activity, has the united states changed its military posture in the region in any way? are we in a higher state of alert? >> well, i think we're in a higher state of awareness. but we haven't increased our alert levels or readiness levels. we're very focused on this throughout the region. one of the things is it's moving pretty quickly. and we had plenty of military presence throughout the region, as well. in terms of adjusting any readiness levels or alert levels, we haven't done that. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. robin? going to switch gears now. extreme cold, snow, ice, slamming the southern part of the united states today. ryan owens is following it all, trying to stay warm in texas. >> reporter: the people of houston are waking up to a texas-sized surprise. an accumulation of snow and ice. schools are canceled across the texas gulf coast. in galveston, the city manager
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says they haven't had to prepare like this since the last major hurricane. >> this is the first thing since ike that we've had, as far as an emergency that shut down our operations. >> reporter: in dallas, you might call this frigid friday before super bowl sunday. ice and snow collapsed this tent at the cotton bowl. at houston's bush intercontinental airport, most flights have been delayed until this afternoon, at the earliest. >> my flight was canceled. i wasn't even notified. they rescheduled it for sunday night. >> reporter: packers and steelers fans may feel like the big game is a home game. but texans are shivering. >> rescue operations -- >> reporter: in oklahoma, icy roads proved deadly thursday. three people were killed when this pickup slid off a snow-covered interstate and plunged 80 feet into a river. and in new mexico, where the governor has declared a state of emergency, a natural gas shortage has left thousands in the dark, with no heat.
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>> just horrible right now. nobody in the area has gas. >> reporter: the temperature there overnight, a single degree. and surprise, surprise. it is snowing again this morning here in north texas. the good news, especially for super bowl fans. this is the worst of it. tomorrow, the high will be 45. on super bowl sunday it will be 50. and that will feel like summer, robin. >> thank you, ryan. it is 7:16, look who's back from chicago. sam champion. >> a little red-faced. little wind burned. let's get to going what's going on in texas. particularly the deep south. we have ten states that have some kind of winter weather warning, watch or advisory. out into the deep south, from texas, corpus christi, dallas, particularly in dallas, we have had reports of eastern areas of dallas and northern areas, from richardson to terrell, texas. about 6 inches of snow early morning reports. memphis gets a little snow. birmingham and jackson, as well. there's your snowfall totals
7:17 am
into this area. some places will get two to three inches. some will get more. bull's eye around the dallas area. east, there's heavy rain. in georgia and the carolinas, we'll see heavy rain. we'll go over that more this morning. for right now, that's weather around the nation.
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>> robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. two days until super bowl sunday. the packers and steelers go head-to-head, down there in texas. even though it's cold there, things are heating up as we get closer to game time. and our favorite sports guys, mike golic and mike greenberg, of espn's "mike and mike in the morning" join us from ft. worth. and you finally learned your lesson, you two. you were outside earlier this week. and greenie, you finally came indoors. good for you. >> it was frigid in ft. worth. there's no other word to describe it. the nice thing is they built us an igloo here. we're nice and toasty warm inside. they brought us huge heaters. and one woman said, don't get
7:19 am
too close. you'll catch on fire. and i said you're missing the point. that's what i want. i've never been this cold. >> i had no problem with the cold. there were some people, i won't name any names at all who was really having a problem with the cold. >> steelers qb ben roethlisberger has done the best that he can to rebuild his reputation. and then, tuesday, he goes into that bar. it's posted on tmz. you know, what do you make of this, guys? >> i make of it as a nonstory. he's out with his teammates. he had this, basically, been to his third super bowl now. this is what he's done on this night. take his offensive linemen out. he buys them dinner. the key is the quarterback always pays. bought them dinner. and they had fun singing "the piano man." i mean, this to me is a nonstory. could you be singing a less-threatening song? than billy joel "piano man." it's not even a dangerous billy joel song. if they sang, "we didn't start the fire," i can see people getting upset about that. >> let's talk a little defense with the time we have remaining. what's with all the hair, guys? come on!
7:20 am
>> i love it. this was a super bowl i was born for if there's one thing i can analyze better than this guy can, it's hair. golic can break down offenses and defenses and crossing patterns. all that other stuff. i look at clay matthews' hair and troy polamalu's hair. and i say this is a super bowl designed for guys like me. >> what it is is it's about getting the casual fan. you know the football fans and sports fans are going to watch. my daughter thinks clay matthews is the world now because of the hair. so, they're bringing in the casual fan because of the hair issue. >> it depends if you like the wavier look that tropical polamalu has. or if you like the straight hair that clay matthews has. and there's plenty of room for both. >> now, you have been going, mike, with the packers from the very beginning. even before the season began. greenie, you had the packers. we talked to you last night. now, you're jumping on the steelers bandwagon. what are the predictions here? >> you know what, all kidding aside, yeah, i'm picking the steelers to win this game because i've just seen ben
7:21 am
roethlisberger, the aforementioned troubled quarterback, and this team win too many games that i didn't expect them to win for me to pick against them again. >> i'm staying with green bay. i think aaron rodgers can make that big play at the end of the game. and i think it will be low-scoring. they met in '09 with two, great defenses. it was 37-36. there are many people who think it will be a high-scoring game again. i think it will be in the 20s or teens. i think the green bay packers -- i picked them in the beginning. it's about us looking good, is it not? it's about us making the right pick. >> sing me a little "piano man" as you go away. >> oh. it's 9:00 on a saturday. the regular crowd shuffles in. there's an old man -- right now there's a fat man sitting next to me. ♪ making love to his tonic and gin ♪ >> all right, mike and mike. have a great time on sunday this weekend. thanks as always. we'll you you. >> bye, robin. >> i'm sure we'll check with you next week. you can get all of your super bowl news on espn. countdown coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. on sunday and goes all day long. we're both sticking with the
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7:25 am
6:20 in an apartment on warren drive. the building has been evacuated as the firefighting continues. firefighters are battling the blaze and as you can see it is not under control and we'll continue to watch this story. arson investigators meanwhile on the scene of another suspicious fire in the castro district in san francisco. a small fire was apparently set outside the door of a home at 18th and callingwood. this is the exact same area where three fires broke out yesterday morning. one of those fires heavily damaged an apartment building at 16 ch and market street. another fire broke out in a trash can and a third fire was in a building a few blocks away. all fires were intentionally set. is there any problem on your morning commute? let's check with frances and find out. >> a new crash was reported in palo alto south university but already on the shoulder. although minor slowing.
7:26 am
bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no delays. you saw our stage managers hand in that shot, joey smith. traffic across the san mateo bridge and it's a 14 minute drive from 880 to 101. kristen. >> looks like he got a manicure or something. looking good. frances, >> all new. it's the ultimate supermodel reunion. oprah: is it more difficult for supermodels to age? >> christie brinkley! oprah: would you get married again?
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>> welcome back. check out the golden glow as the morning sunshine is coming upon us. a day where it's rather cool this morning. check out these temperatures. most 30s upper fremont. mountain view, san jose and san francisco low to mid-40s there. afternoon hours temperatures jump 2 to 6 degrees today. most of us in the 60s. a few 70s in santa rosa, cloverdale and just about all of us
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i realized there was really no alternative. if i wanted to live, i had to do this. >> former president bill clinton, talking candidly to barbara walters about his open heart surgery. one of the many famous patients. robin williams, david letterman, regis philbin, all sat down with barbara. and she's going to sit down with us with a preview about these personal revelations. we'll say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> powerful and meaningful hour from barbara. if you could see her yesterday on "the view." this is fantastic. the young teenager attacked by bullies. remember, we showed you that chilling video earlier this week. a heartwarming surprise for that teenager that you have to see. what happened when he was on "the view." some of his sports idols hailed him as a real hero.
7:31 am
getting cheers again. i loved seeing that yesterday. >> every too many i see it, i chill. what a great end to that story that that was yesterday. and the wait's almost over for us. "gma" advice guru. 15,000 candidates a couple months ago. now, down to four amazing finalists. and now, this morning, we'll reveal who the winner is behind that screen. we'll have that in our next half hour. in this half hour, george, we start in las vegas, with the case of the bellagio bandit. remember the video of the brazen heist in december? a man robbed a casino at gunpoint making off with $1.5 million worth of chips. now, an arrest in the case at the scene of the crime. mike von fremd has the story. >> reporter: anthony carleo, a 29-year-old college student, arrested and seen on surveillance cameras, robbing the bellagio casino, in his motorcycle suit, of $1.5 million in gambling chips, said on facebook, that the luxurious resort is paradise. never have i seen this many
7:32 am
beautiful women in one place. and on facebook, anthony says he understands the price of admission. money isn't everything. but it's right up there next to oxygen. police say after pulling off the heist, anthony dropped one chip in a salvation army kettle. the charity had no idea the bell ringers would go directly to the casino. the men did not receive a dime and were asked to give a description of the donor. giving undercover agents their first lead. police say anthony pulled up in his motorcycle, went directly to the high-rollers craps table. he pulled out a gun. and snatched a backpack full of mostly $25,000 chips, and vanished. in an attempt to force the thief's hand, beg bell lago
7:33 am
said, that all $25,000 chips would become worthless. if he was going to salvage his loot, he would have to pull a fast one. >> it would be difficult to wash those chips. >> reporter: anthony went back to the scene of the crime. making staggering bets, losing $72,000 on new year's eve. the bellagio responded by treating the high-roller like a king, for 19 precious days. his biggest mistake was bragging about his $25,000 chips on the internet. >> he was taken into custody at the bellagio, which is ironic, since it's the place of the crime. >> reporter: carleo, whose father is a las vegas judge, is charged with robbery with a deadly weapon. this student, who had dreams of becoming a doctor, has nothing but memories of a few nights as a high roller. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. >> you hear about criminals returning to the scene of the crime. >> could have gotten away with that for that long. how about good news? the 13-year-old bullying victim. we showed you the video this week.
7:34 am
after that vicious beating, he is not backing down. seven suspects are now in custody. as andrea canning reports, some of the nfl's biggest stars are stepping in for him, too. >> reporter: it's the heartbreaking video that shows nadin khoury being kicked, dragged in the snow, and hoisted into this tree, allegedly by seven of his classmates. he tried to run away. but he's hung by his coat on a tall, metal fence. thursday, nadin and his mother appeared on "the view." >> they messed with me because i'm one the smallest one us. they made fun of my mom a lot. >> i watched the tape. and it was -- something no parent wants to see. >> reporter: he faced the problem head-on. and is being hailed a hero for coming forward. bravery that earned him a special surprise. watch as nadin's stoic demeanor instantly turns to tears over a few of his own hero.
7:35 am
>> welcome pro bowl wide receiver, desean jackson, jamon jackson. >> we wanted to make sure that they were here, to be with you. >> he was brave. this happens every day. and people are not brave enough to stand this and take this on. >> reporter: and nadin may now be an unofficial teammate of the philadelphia eagles. >> anytime, ever you need us, i got two linemen right here. you let us know. >> reporter: but his real dream is to be a marine one day. and maybe score an appearance on another popular talk show. >> still waiting on a call from oprah. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> what a wonderful, wonderful story. >> you have the hankies right now.
7:36 am
>> i see you tearing up there. >> what a great ending to that story. let's go to juju with the news. good morning, george and robin. good morning, everyone. we have good news and bad news about the economy. the government says 36,000 jobs were created last month. bad weather may be partly to blame. good news, the unemployment rate dropped half a point to 9%. a stunning claim this morning that a major bank was complicit in bernie madoff's legendary ponzi scheme. court documents claim executives at jpmorgan chase were suspicious about madoff a year and a half before his arrest but did nothing. one e-mail spelled it out in 2007, allegedly saying, madoff's claims are speculated to be part of a ponzi scheme, end quote. houston's mayor says this videotape showing police officers kicking and beating a burglary suspect could jeopardize the officers' trial. the video from march was supposed to be kept secret for
7:37 am
evidence in court but it was just made public by a community activist. finally, a rogue turkey is ruffling feathers. and it's part of the kennedy clan. the turkey was last seen attacking this mail truck in cape cod. that's when ethel kennedy came forward saying the bird is hers. she said she bought it for the kids to see what a real turkey looked like. but it escaped. that's the news at 7:37. >> that's one wild kennedy. >> thank you, juju. let's get back over to sam. >> hey. let's get to the boards. we're going to deal with what's going on. winter, big winter, from corpus christi, to houston, to dallas. that's just the start. look at this low. as it spins up the southeast, there's going to be a line of ice and snow that eventually does get into new york city and boston, as well. here's who comes in with the big totals of snow out of this. it's going to be off the coastline and mostly inland. new york city, 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, saturday morning, you'll start with an icy mix. there's potential for collection. boston will stay colder. a little bit more snow. but heavy areas like ski areas,
7:38 am
vermont, new hampshire, will come in with solid snow totals out of this. in the west, more of a warmup. remember yesterday, places like vegas and phoenix were coming in with incredible low temperatures. today, you're back. 60 degrees. palm springs at 68. san diego, 61. there were 20s in the valley. 20s and 30s just east of the san diego area. everything feels a little better.od and here's what's a look ahead at your "gma" morning menu. barbara walters, there's only one. she's right there. i can see her. she's right here on "gma." a matter of life and death. a revealing conversation about open-heart surgery with famous faces. and imagine this decision. you trained all your life.
7:39 am
gabrielle giffords' astronaut husband. does he go or does he stay? we'll find out more about that. and details about the dress of the year. who is going to be the designer? we talk to leading contenders. all the inside scoop, only on "gma. p, only on "gma." ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee's like life. it's better when you add your flavor. visit us on facebook to find out how you can get a free bottle of coffee-mate on february 4th.
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7:42 am
what's your scar like? >> pretty -- it's there. what's your scar like? >> show me. i'll show you my scar if you show me yours. >> i'll be right back. welcome to daytime scars. >> that's robin williams, welcoming barbara walters to the brotherhood of the cracked chest club. that includes bill clinton, david letterman, regis philbin. barbara talks about the life-changing experience they share.
7:43 am
thank you for coming in. >> i'm teary looking at nadin from yesterday. >> that was fantastic. this special has got to be the most personal work you've ever done. >> it is the most personal work. and i've been saying it's probably the best special i've done. considering i've done a few over the years. we're calling it "a matter of life and death." the people you saw that talked with me, if they had not had the surgery, within two years, we probably would be dead. i might not have been here talking to you today. people are terrified of open-heart surgery. they hear the most awful things about it. i wanted to have people talk about their experiences. and they're doing it in the most personal way, george. but we also want people to know how they can prevent it, what they can do. people think cancer is the biggest killer. the biggest killer in this country is heart disease. and for women. and women don't think it's going to happen to them. they think breast cancer. can i show you a little bit? >> please, do. >> this starts with bill clinton, talking about what it
7:44 am
was like for him during the surgery. then, david letterman, who is also very funny. and -- and me. >> okay. >> reporter: the surgery lasted four hours. during which, the president claims he had a vision. >> i saw pictures of people i loved. like hillary and chelsea, and people who had been my friends in my life, coming in a circle of light and sort of flashing off into the distance. they were this kind of presence in the universe. it was amazing experience. and i remembered it very clearly when i woke up. >> reporter: some people get depressed. did you get depressed? >> i know what depression is. depression is a black hole. that's not what i experienced. there's has to be some kind of release because the assault on your system, mentally, emotionally and physically, is amazing. it's horrendous. and i would find myself bursting into tears and sobbing
7:45 am
uncontrollably with joy. >> reporter: with joy? >> just thinking, oh, my god. i'm alive. what have i lived through? can you believe it? >> reporter: the major symptom you have is enormous fatigue. i would barely make it from my bed to the kitchen. if you walk six steps, you were exhausted. but it was over. i was alive. i was even told to gain weight. and for the first time in years, i stuffed myself on baloney sandwiches and hot dogs almost every day. and then, walked it off in the park. there were paparazzi. but it's a good thing they took a picture of me because people realized i wasn't all curled up in a fetal position. >> are you feeling okay? >> reporter: how do i look? >> you look great. >> reporter: that's how i feel. by the way, do you want to see my scar? you're looking at it. it begins, right here. and goes down to, right here. and it's almost invisible.
7:46 am
>> barbara, you really take everyone inside. we should have brought you hot dogs. >> by the way, i gained ten pounds. stop with the hot dogs and the baloney sandwiches. >> we saw david letterman being serious there. but there's a lot of laughs. >> there are. i don't want people to think this is going to be grim. i have an aortic valve replaced. and so did robin williams. and we have a cow valve. and robin williams says he gives good milk now. and i asked david letterman where he got the arteries from, he said ace hardware. so, these guys are still very funny. you know, we all went through the same thing. and we're alive. >> and you are because you had some warnings. but you have so much important information in the special, as well. not everyone has that kind of time. and you want to get that message out. >> absolutely. yes. and especially for women. if a man has a pain, they immediately go to the doctor, right? and they have an ekg and blood
7:47 am
test. women don't. and it's the biggest killer of women over all of the other cancers combined. it's very important. and entertaining. and i wish i could go back to the baloney sandwiches. >> there's a lot of competition. i think it is your best special. i watched it yesterday afternoon. it's amazing. >> i think it is. "a matter of life and death." >> we look forward to seeing it. it's at 10:00, 9:00 central. you see it right there. "a matter of life and death." tonight on abc. coming up here, the big decision from gabby giffords' astronaut husband. is mark kelly heading to space?
7:48 am
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like you were getting ready for super bowl sunday. the three of us, we believe the steelers are going to win the big game. juju, you think the packers. >> i'm a cheesehead. >> you may have a little help. you know the e-trade babies. you might get support from them. this is one they created just for us. >> hey, "gma" crew. here's one that made the take. and some that didn't. after a little hand-holding from customer support. next thing you know he has a stunning portfolio. he's some gem that didn't make it past the sensors. i found this dvd. turns out my parents are dabbling in wrestling. joel, a cougar is not a
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> the oakland police department's radio system has apparently not been fixed and broke down twice in the last three days. the radio system broke first on wednesday night during an undercover drug bust, then yesterday officers had to use hand signals while searching for three burglary suspects. mayor jean quan said the problem was resolved and announced a tech team to deal with other technology issues at the department. gorgeous out there but you might want to grab a jacket. >> definitely chilly this
7:57 am
morning. still 30s and 40s. good friday morning to you. our destination the mid to upper 60s. low 60s at the beaches. all of us will be about 2 to 6 degrees warmer this weekend. frances. >> a major accident north 101 at moffett. the two left lanes will be blocked for some time. there's an injury crash blockinñ
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ well, prince williams knows he wants to marry kate middleton. and her wedding dress is one the whole world will be watching, come april 29th. our elizabeth vargas is in london today. she has new details about what the royal bride is walking down the aisle in. she sat down with the designer who may be behind the dress. look at our princess, elizabeth. yes. what it's like to wear the crown. she likes it, i can tell. >> didn't want it to come off. >> not at all. good morning, america. tgif. >> happy friday, everyone. it's a big day for us here. it's the grand finale of our "gma" advice guru search. we started out with 15,000 applicants. whittled it down to a fantastic
8:01 am
final four. and this morning, the wait is over. behind that silhouette right there, "gma's" new advice guru. we're going to meet the winner in a little bit. >> we can't wait to reveal that. and just days before the super bowl, tips on getting a big-screen tv for the big game. you may not know this. but this is one of the best times of the year to score a great deal. and becky worley will show us how to do that. >> got another day. >> yeah. you were talking to barbara a little earlier, the reason why we're all decked out in red. this is national wear red day, it's the day to raise awareness about heart disease, the number one killer, barbara was telling us, of women. all across the country, men and women are wearing red to show support for heart disease research and healthy living. look at this beautiful pin. i know you don't want wardrobe advice from george or i. we're just saying, wear red today. if you can't decide what to do, wear red. >> we're happy to be supporting this cause. we have news starting out this half hour. gabby giffords' husband, commander mark kelly, will announce later today that he's going to leave her bedside so he
8:02 am
can command the last shuttle mission in april. he said it was a decision he hoped he and his wife could make together. and bob woodruff joins us with more from houston. hey, bob. >> reporter: good morning, george. we are now hearing, for sure, that mark kelly is leaning very hard towards actually flying. he's been considering this for several weeks, at this point. and nasa's going to be having a press conference later this afternoon, where we will hear the actual answer. reflecting on the most difficult time in his life. mark kelly has a new outlook. >> maybe this event, this terrible event, maybe it was fate. i hadn't been a big believer in fate until recently. >> reporter: telling his wife that, perhaps, these trying moments bare a greater meaning. >> that maybe something good can come from all this. maybe it's our responsibility. >> reporter: but kelly is facing yet another tough decision.
8:03 am
to leave his wife's bedside for the space shuttle "endeavour's" final mission. a mission years in the making. and kelly's last chance for another space flight. >> it is a tough decision for him. but i think it's reasonable to expect that he will go on to command this mission in april. >> and liftoff of "discovery." >> reporter: kelly has been training for the 2-week-long mission for more than 18 months. he needs to resume his training by next week. but after his wife's incredible early progress, what happens if he leaves? >> while it would be important for him to be there, at the bedside and to be there as part of her rehabilitation, he's really only one part of the equation of her recovery. >> reporter: surrounded by family and friends, giffords has no shortage of cheerleaders. and with video and phone technology, she will be able to see her husband in space. if he decides not to fly, a reserve commander for the april 19th mission is on-deck.
8:04 am
and even if mark kelly says he will fly, that final decision is up to nasa. >> he's the ideal person for this crew, from a mission/risk perspective. he's a tough guy. he has his stuff together. >> reporter: so, now what nasa really has to look into is whether he's going to be distracted while he's up there in space, as the commander. while his wife is now suffering, back here in the hospital. they also have to consider this issue of danger. in the last 30 years, there have been 132 shuttle flights. but in two cases, they have been lost. so, this is a very, very dangerous decision. george? >> bob, thanks very much. we'll watch the press conference later today. now, for a look at the top stories of the morning, let's go to juju. >> good morning, everyone. the largest crowd in days has gathered in cairo for one reason. they're demanding president hosni mubarak leave office today. the white house is talking with the government about scenarios that would make that happen. but in an exclusive interview
8:05 am
with abc's christiane amanpour, mubarak says he's fed up with public office. but he says the country will fall into chaos if he leaves office right now. so far today, the army has prevented any major violence. here at home, tens of thousands of people in the southwest are without heat this morning, during a record-setting cold snap. blackouts and high demand cut off the supply of natural gas, forcing new mexico to declare a state of emergency. schools and businesses are also closed across texas, where streets are coated with ice. the temperature in el paso dropped to 1 degree. sam will have more on today's conditions in a minute. big news about the economy this morning. those unemployment lines were a bit shorter last month. the unemployment rate dropped a significant 0.4% to 9%. however, and this is the bad news. employers created only 36,000 new jobs in january, far fewer than expected. and a sign the recovery may be weakening. president obama meets today with canada's prime minister and may discuss a controversial idea. building a 1,700-mile pipeline,
8:06 am
an oil pipeline, from canada to texas. a new report claims it would dramatically reduce u.s. dependency on oil from the middle east. but opponents say it would be an environmental disaster. and finally, a true snow angel. a missouri woman went into labor wednesday morning. but nearly two feet of snow made it impossible for the ambulance to get near her home. so, two national guardsmen came to the rescue. they managed to plow through the snow in their military trucks and made it to the hospital in time for cynthia reese to deliver her healthy baby boy. that's the news at 8:06. makes me smile. something else that makes me smile, sam champion. safely back in new york. >> we're in times square. i'm in a cluster because everybody's keeping me warm. where are you from? >> indianapolis. >> the berkshires. >> the berkshires. >> texas! >> oh, that's right. it's not much different here than it is in dallas this morning. you did make a good trade. let's talk about what's going on outside.
8:07 am
wsb, nobody knows atlanta like our friends at wsb. it was one of the best news shows i've ever watched, when we were in atlanta. the roads covered in ice three weeks ago are covered in rain. there will be more rain coming during the day today. you're in our target zone for what will be the wettest areas. once you get toward macon, there will be three inches potential there, up through south carolina. but it's a wet day today. in comes milder air. the fact we get to say mild is a nice thing. dallas will go from the 20s to the 40s on sunday. when are you going home? sunday? >> sunday. >> good. you get to go into the 40s. 46 degrees. new orleans, about 57, by the same time. l.a. has been showing off. it was a little chilly yesterday. but 65 degrees and just about had the best weather on the board. from orlando to south florida is good stuff.
8:08 am
>> it is sunny in times square this morning. we'll have more weather next half hour. robin? >> sam, thank you. now, to our royal diary. a lot of excitement and speculation about who kate middleton has chosen to design her wedding gown. it will not be revealed until the wedding day. elizabeth vargas talked to one of the leading contenders, though. elizabeth joins us bright and early this morning. although, it's afternoon there, in london. good morning, elizabeth. >> we've been up for hours, robin. in the united states, they're placing bets on who is going to win the super bowl on sunday. here in london, they're placing bets on who is designing kate middleton's wedding dress. whoever it is, the palace has sworn them to secrecy. we'll only know for sure who it is on the wedding day when kate
8:09 am
middleton emerges from her car in front of westminster abby. when kate middleton does finally step out of that car and the world sees for the first time the dress that she has selected, i mean, everybody will be looking and waiting for that moment when the car door opens and she emerges. >> hmm, nightmare. i think nightmare. i think, you know, either everyone's going to go -- whichever happens, it's going to be a sharp intake of breath, isn't it? like, oh, my god, what's she wearing? oh. doesn't she look fabulous? >> reporter: is it is quite simply the big secret everyone wants answered, who's designing that dress? i went to see the man heavily rumored to be the front-runner, bruce oldfield. he shared his vision of what we might see and revealed a few secrets for the big day. her mother and sister caused a stir for you by popping up in your shop. >> yes. isn't that nice? >> reporter: are you going to be dressing a lot of people at this wedding? >> huge amount. we already are. we've already started. we've got three or four nice ones. >> reporter: and if he's not
8:10 am
designing kate's dress, there's always a question if he's dressing the mother of the bride. >> i think she's a very elegant mother. i think the mother reminds me somewhat of carla bruni. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. she does. >> reporter: that's a lovely comparison. >> she liked it, too. >> reporter: i'll bet she did. while bruce was coy about whether he might have the commission for kate's dress, he did tell us what we can expect her to wear. >> i'm sure the dress will be modest, in terms of coverage. it has to be, you know. it will have sleeves. it has to have sleeves. you can't walk down westminster abbey in a strapless dress. it just won't happen. and it has to suit the grandeur of that aisle. it's enormous. >> reporter: what will kate do in terms of a veil? >> i can predict she will wear a veil. that was the poignant part of diana's wedding. she was walking down the aisle, looking left to right, looking at people and smiling the way she did. with the diamond tiara, glittering like mad. it was great. whatever she wears, she's going
8:11 am
to look great. because she's gorgeous. she's slim. she's elegant. she's aware of herself. when you see her moving, you know, she's not a shy, shrinking violet. but she is a normal, ordinary girl, who happens to have bagged the big one. >> reporter: how does this happen in secret? >> the only clandestine thing about this is the palace doesn't want it revealed who is doing the dress. i mean, i guess if you really wanted to know, you would camp outside of the palace and spot your designer sneaking in. you know? >> reporter: now, we will see kate in two dresses, as well, correct? >> definitely, yes. >> reporter: what do we know about the second dress? >> we know nothing. >> reporter: nothing? >> we know nothing. >> reporter: nothing? >> we know nothing. we know nothing. >> reporter: you are a master at this, you know? at looking over my shoulder and not answering. >> you know, i -- you know, i don't know what to say, really. you know the rules. >> reporter: i do know the rules. bruce oldfield has a true rags-to-riches story and is beloved by everyone in the business. he was placed in an orphanage
8:12 am
when he was 1 day old, and his raised by a seamstress, where he developed his love of fashion. he has dressed royalty and celebrities for years. from queen rania of jordan, to rihanna and catherine zeta-jones. but none more iconic or famous, than princess diana. >> we were together for years. like a marriage. >> reporter: did you have a favorite dress you designed for her? >> for diana? i like the red one with the -- is the slim red one, with the bare back. you don't see it. it's the one where her and her husband, prince charles, were looking rather displeased with each other. >> reporter: do you remember seeing william and harry when you'd go on the fittings? >> oh, yeah. they would come in, with their father, of course. and they would take an interest. but they're little boys. you know, they were kiddies. >> reporter: bruce oldfield is
8:13 am
such a hot odds-on favorite for designing kate's dress, that the bookmakers are no longer taking bets on him, robin. but it would be lovely if it is him because it would come full-circle. he was there when will was a boy. and may be there when will marries his bride. >> he's so talented and discreet. we know the dress will not be strapless. and we know that she will be having a veil, wearing a veil. what about that walk down the aisle, elizabeth? >> reporter: it's -- i went to westminster abbey. we spent quite a bit of time there yesterday. it is a four-minute walk. it is a very long aisle. by the time she makes that four-minute walk to the altar, there will already be people making knockoffs of that wedding dress. it will happen that fast. by the way, i know you're worried about this, robin. i did select a tiara for you to wear when you come to cover the royal wedding. when in rome, do as the romans do. >> i didn't want to say anything. but when i saw you trying one on, i hope she brings one back for me, george. all right, elizabeth. >> i have one for george, too.
8:14 am
it's a little smaller. >> it is his birthday next week. >> i'll only wear that at home. >> oh. and nothing else, i'm sure. okay. all right. elizabeth, thank you. have a great trip. come on back home safe. if you cannot get enough of the royal wedding, you see we can't, go to to watch our new digital show. "wedding royale." our nick watt brings you the latest news on the couple's wedding plans as only nick can do. buckle up. coming up, we finally reveal our new "gma" advice guru . i'm your genie. you're wishing for... a tasty fiber cereal? well you don't want that one. kellogg's fiber plus cereal. the delicious taste of berries, 40% of your daily fiber... plus...wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes!
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[ male announcer ] quitting sucks. nicorette makes it suck less. and for fast craving relief that goes wherever you go, try the smaller, more convenient nicorette mini lozenge. ♪ hello. [ female announcer ] glasses in about an hour. lenscrafters. we've had so much fun in our search for the "gma" advice guru. it began five months ago, with 15,000 resumes. we narrowed the field down to the final four. they're cooper boone, fran harris, liz pryor and carla barnhill. they're all terrific. all have a real passion to help others. now, we're ready to reveal the winner. let's welcome the newest member of the "gma" family. drumroll, please.
8:18 am
>> liz pryor. >> congratulations. >> thanks for having me. >> congratulations. you have never seen a problem in a you can't solve, right? >> well, you know. not yet, anyway. >> so, a guru. have you ever been called a guru? >> no. i have a little bit of an issue with that word. >> we have to change it already? >> you know, i don't know exactly what that means. but how about this? i've been through a lot. >> you have been through a lot. in part because of your kids. your kids actually don't ignore your advice. they are your biggest fans. we went back and talked to them. connor, augie and lucas. take a look. >> this is the perfect job for her. this is her, in a job. >> you really like him. i can tell. >> she's really genuine. she wants to help people. >> need to have a true face-to-face, and heart-to-heart. >> reporter: she's written an advice book and writes an advice blog. but for liz, it's the school of
8:19 am
life. that she says will help her most in her new role. >> i have an enormous amount to draw from. i have been married, divorced. i have three children. have a great day. i'll see you at 2:30. infants, toddlers, tweens and teens. learning the college thing, coming up. >> she's always understanding of a problem. she never judges anyone. >> you tell her the truth of her heart. raw, real and candid. you need a conversation-starter. you say, mom. maybe you need to take a break. >> even if there's a problem she doesn't have that much experience about, she will go and branch out. and she'll find that answer. >> she'll be able to, you know, get my voice out there, that i know has helped a lot of people, help that many more people, would be a very, very cool thing. and i -- i feel confident in that i can handle it. i think i'm a fit. >> to see your kids. >> i know. how did it feel to hear them say
8:20 am
those things? >> that's wonderful. >> branch out. >> branch out. he's my little ceo. >> is he? well, when you were here last week, we were peppering you, as all the finalists, about the questions and things like that. let's look at how you -- well, what made you shine. here it is. >> not your business. try to mask your judgment. got to put the boundaries up. pick it up. moving on. >> you believe in being straightforward, don't you? >> i do. i shoot from the hip, but with a lot of heart. i sort of like to say that, i like to be able to give advice that i could use. and i don't really come above the reader or the viewer. i think i am them. >> it's great for tv because you get right to it. so, we're going to put you to work right away. >> oh, gosh. >> absolutely. you have to earn this pay here. and we start out with kay in scottsdale, arizona. she says i'm a stay-at-home mom and recently moved to a new
8:21 am
neighborhood where i met what i call a stalker mom. we have kids at the same age. and get togethers has turned into relentless play dates. how do i get rid of her? >> this is tough. she has to be patient and keep doing it. there's nothing we can do than call the person and say, don't call me. that's not what women do. she has to stay patient. in about two or three more months, stalker lady's going to hate her. >> i love the fact, liz, when george started reading that, you're like, oh, yeah. you've heard this. >> when kids come into it, it's so hard. if the kid wants to play with the kid. and the mother's like -- it's tough. hang in there. >> all right. we have another question. this comes from ann, from liberty, utah. and she says, my husband is what i call a tv-aholic. he watches tv all evening, every night and most of the weekend. i always have too much to do to watch tv. how can i get him to put me first? >> i think you need to ask him.
8:22 am
say, give me one night a week, can we not watch tv. and maybe another night, watch tv with him. something you like. maybe "good morning america." >> find that compromise? >> yeah. she's got to ask. speak it up. i don't know about a guy watching tv seven nights a week. there might be something going on there. >> ooh. you move into that. >> there it is again. >> she said he's a tvaholic. he watches tv all evening and nights. >> hello? that's too much. too much tv. >> wow. okay. >> all right. >> check his cable channel. which advice is the most fun for you to give? and which is the hardest? which areas? >> the easiest and probably straight from the hip are kids. kids and relationships. tougher for me is workplace and maybe sports.
8:23 am
>> all right. >> but also, talk about a little bit, liz, you're going to be our guru. you went thaw long process. there were many, many people. and it was very hard for us to decide. the emotions that you have right now, getting through this process and knowing the work that you're going to be doing. >> it is just amazing to -- i'm old. i'm looking at this, like, a lot of the stuff that i've been through and i've been able to come out the other end, with a sort of smile on my face, i'm so happy to give it back. >> you're about to learn about our computer hardout. we have five seconds. >> get to work. right away. [ female imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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[ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. >> san jose firefighters remain at the scene of an apartment fire. this is sky 7 about an hour ago when smoke was shooting from the roof. this fire was reported 6:20 at one of the units of a building on warren drive. residents were evacuated. one person was injured. arson officials are investigating another suspicious fire in san francisco's castro this morning. we're told a small fire was apparently set outside the door of a home at 18th street in callingwood. it's the same area where three fires broke out yesterday. one fire heavily damaged an apartment building at 16th and market. another in a trash can and the
8:28 am
third in a building a few blocks away. here's frances. >> a big traffic jam in the south bay north 101 this friday morning. you'll find the slowing from 880 all the way up towards moffett where an earlier injury accident has been cleared. also in the south bay there's an injury crash southbound on the expressway at moore park avenue still blocking a lane. a lot of other places it's been friday light. absolutely no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lo
8:29 am
. >> welcome back. mid to upper 60s. exception the cooler end, on the
8:30 am
coast low 60s. cloverdale low 70s. tonight 30s less likely in our valleys. temperatures hit the low to mid-70s away from the ♪ nice catch there, george. are you ready for a football theme? you just missed it. we have the perfect dishes for your super bowl party. one of oprah's favorite chefs, christina ferrare is here with great food for game day. good to have you here with us, christina. we say good morning, america. on this tgif. >> you're ready. >> i'm so ready for the super bowl. i'm excited. what better way to see the big game than on a big-screen tv. you can get a great deal this weekend. it's prime time for those sales. becky worley is scouting it out. she will get you the best deal for kickoff. and we're counting down to valentine's day, with a look at real-life romance through the
8:31 am
eyes of extraordinary women. we're going to talk to the author of the new book, "live and let love." >> good title. time for one of our most endearing -- there's something about having a football in your hands. "your three words." a simple and touching way to sum up your weekend. this morning, the song is by vampire weekend. ♪ here comes the feeling though you forgot ♪ ♪ the sidewalks to hold you >> good morning, america. ♪ you lost it looking back ♪ ♪ you shouldn't have started ♪ >> happy birthday. >> i like the little, i'm a
8:32 am
keeper. how are l you say i love you this valentin's day? go to, and tell us "your three words." we could use your words on this show. >> super bowl sunday. those are three words. sam has a special guest downstairs. >> who? >> wait until you find out. hi, sam. >> looking at the classic show, "sesame street," "elmo's green thumb," features time lessons for all ages. from the ymca in manhattan. you're breaking our hearts you're so cute. you have the lucky job of representing elmo and the show and the whole thing. thank you. i'm not actually going to shake your hand. i'm going to have you warm mine up. you're part of the coat drive. the show is called "elmo's green
8:33 am
thumb." >> in this show, elmo has a new best friend, sunny the sunflower. that's why all the kids have sunflowers. >> the sunflowers are keeping me so warm. >> they are. he finds they live best in big bird's garden. so, they plant him there. it's a story about how everyone plays an important part in the world's ecosystem. >> we know why sunflowers are important. you have everybody bundled up. they are so cute. heartbreakingly cute, with the sparkling shoes and the coats. >> and the leg warmers. >> elmo, you're going to help us with our coat drive. drop some coats in? >> immediately after that, on twitter, everyone was saying, i have to tickle elmo. but i think elmo will have to tickle me. >> elmo will have to tickle you. >> we have a total, by the way. let's roll the tally for our coat total.
8:34 am
195,866 on the coat drive. here's what we did with the coat drive. we let it roll a little while so we could collect more coats this year. you can still donate at any burlington coat factory. "elmo's green thumb" is in new york city, february 17th to the 21st. it will be staged at madison square garden. go to our website for more info. elmo will also be coming to a stage near you. >> at the garden. >> elmo, come here. tickle me. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about. we wanted to show you a live shot from wfaa in dallas. that's what our live shot looks like. five to six inches of snow in the dallas area this morning. yeah. it's going away. it gets better. a quick look at the big board and the weekend fly-by. how it stays warm in florida. looking at flights right now. how all that snow is a small snowmaker. then, it comes back in the
8:35 am
oh, they're adorable. all that weather was brought to you by purina. george? robin? >> this is superfriday. in "america's consumer" just before the super bowl. and it could be the best time of year to get the best deal on a big-screen tv. there's lots of bargains out there. and becky worley is scouting them out. she is joining us via skype from oakland. good morning, becky. >> good morning, george. the weekend is upon us, where the super bowl takes over. and big-screen tvs are huge this time of year. it's strange because we did so many pieces right around thanksgiving where we talk about tv prices. and they are very low on black friday. but historically, the best
8:36 am
prices are at the end of january and the beginning of february. and so, there are some good deals out there. let me show you some of them. walmart has a phillip's 40-inch lcd. it's $498. that's $100 off. you bump up to the 55-incher. this is from vizio. an lcd for $998. $300 off. and seeing the 55-inchers below $1,000 is a big deal. last one from target. if you need a blu-ray dvd player, a separate dvd player that will play the high-definition discs, they have a samsung 40-inch l.e.d. backlit. that is $749. >> you have a kitchen essential that doesn't go on sale all that often that can help out for the big party. >> that's right. when you're thinking about prepping the dips and maybe you're going to bake something, there's this one item that's on the wish list for so many women.
8:37 am
it's the kitchenaid mixer. and it rarely goes on sale. it's like a corvette in some women's mind. yes. i can be martha stewart, too, to have that to match the accent colors in my kitchen. that mr. be on sale at amazon. this thing normally retails for $300. i know friends who watch this and see if it goes on sale for months. this is a good deal. >> that's a huge deal. >> yeah. a really good one. >> tell us what other kinds of deals people can find in the malls this weekend. a lot of people are stuck inside with all of the snow. >> the only safe place to go for a walk is in the mall. retailers know we're itching for some deals. today is february 4th. great day. my 40th birthday. but also, it's the -- >> happy birthday. it's a big one. >> yes, thank you. i think you're a fellow aquarian. it's wear red day for the research into heart disease that focuses on women.
8:38 am
macy's is giving you 20% if you wear red all weekend long. go to the cashier and say, i'm wearing red. they'll give you 20% off of your purchase. another one that's great, coach factory store. if you're in the market for a new purse, we have printable coupons. 30% off. and i have the link on our website. at gap, you can get 40% off of all sale items, with a printable coupon. i have that on the website. this is a funky deal. cabela's. they have a pair of insulated gloves. normally $10. and if you do ship to store, which is pick them up at the store nearest you, they're $2.99. that's a good discount. >> you're not going to spend your birthday fixing up your house. but there's one more deal for diyers. >> there's one last deal that some could say i could be productive. at, if you use the
8:39 am
code of behr75, you get 75% off of paint brushes and rollers from behr. i have all of the links on our website. >> go to our website, happy birthday again, becky. enjoy it. when we come back, we'll countdown n n n n n n n n n n n.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
ah. the countdown to valentine's day. has begun. and love is in the air. there's a great, new book. it's called live and let love. and andrea buchanan has rounded up essays from extraordinary women who share their stories of love that are inspiring, faithful and plain funny. thank you for coming back. >> i'm happy to be here. >> "note to self" was the first one. it was very well received. you went with a lighter approach
8:43 am
and this happened. >> love is many things. it comes in many flavors. they're all very delicious. yeah. i wanted to talk about love and explore it in all the layers. but there's literature, as well. >> you were surprised, weren't you? >> i was. i was going for "the sex and the city" come on. those types of stories, more surfacey because i wanted to go lighter. and certainly, many of the contributors are incredibly profound. and so, therefore, the stories have just deepened. and i learned a lot. i learned a lot. >> incredible. and part of the process of doing this is your husband. >> yeah. >> and what you were going through with him. what you dealt with him. share that story with us. >> my husband had just run the l.a. marathon, 36 years old. and he went for a normal checkup. and they discovered an aneurysm in his heart. a four-centimeter aortic aneurysm. that was shocking. and he had to have surgery.
8:44 am
in two weeks, we're picking doctors. at cedars, the best doctor in the country sort of thing. and open-heart surgery. the real deal. freeze the body, shut you down. take out the aorta, and put a plastic one in there. and i didn't think i could love him more. but i do. when you're faced with possibly losing this important thing in your life, this person, it's -- it deepens your love. and it made it 20-times stronger. >> look at love a different way. >> it certainly does. >> mentioning our mutual friend, lee woodruff. and a similar situation with her husband, bob, being injured in iraq. and she has a similar story, doesn't she? >> to write about that story and be so funny, that's how talented she is. hers is the peng. how they have a peng after all these years. and the laughter, without humor,
8:45 am
love doesn't exist. and when your heart is breaking. when you laugh out loud, it makes the heartbreak easier, is something that she wrote. yeah. she talks about what he went through. but mostly, she talked about how they still have it, after all these years. >> i know. it's legendary. >> and what really got me, marie tillman, the widow of pat tillman, the football player who so unselfishly went to fight in afghanistan. and not to get in the controversy about it. but the love story between them was amazing. >> you know, she's a friend of mine. and she was gracious enough to lend her voice to this book. and i'm forever grateful because her story is -- it's just about opening your heart again, really, to the fairy tale wedding, the fairy tale marriage. she's the most beautiful thing to ever walk on two feet. and, you know, she's an inspiration. strongest person i've ever met. and her heart is open and ready to love again. >> i'm so glad to hear that. we haven't heard from her.
8:46 am
>> and she's writing her own book. it's going to come out in the pau fall. >> you have funny stuff, too. >> i do. the two friends. platonic friends. >> platonic life partner. plp. and she can't -- no one can understand it. how can you have this close of a relationship and not -- you know. they're platonic. >> friends without benefits. >> without the benefits. we all need those. >> it's such a great blend, andrea. you laugh. you cry. all of that. >> thank you. i'm so grateful you said that. >> i can't wait for the next one. >> thank you. there will be one. >> you're going down to new orleans for a while. >> i am. shooting a tv show down there called "hound dogs." >> thank you. valentine's day just around the corner. check out the love stories she has written. and read an excerpt from her book. go to
8:47 am
we got a super feast for a super bowl party. you like to eat, don't you? >> i do. >> stick around.orororororororor ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪
8:48 am
♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses. uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine.
8:49 am
time for "america's recipes." this morning, great-tasting snacks for super bowl sunday from christina ferrare. on the oprah network. >> "christina ferrare's big bowl of love." >> i'm bringing you big bowls of love. big bowls of super bowl love. >> what is your secret? what's the most important thing for a big super bowl party? >> not too much sugar. and not too much salt. all of you guys get aggressive with the fourth quarter. i try to keep things low glycemic index. i start with small bites. if you eat small bites throughout the whole thing, you don't pig out and drink too much soda. i have everything here, that's good and healthy. and i don't serve desserts until
8:50 am
after the fourth quarter. you have to wait for it, to celebrate. >> what do we have? >> we start out with little, baby taco bites. it's very simple to do. and you start with a very hot pan. a little bit of olive oil. and half a pound of ground beef. just two tablespoons of your favorite taco seasoning. very simple. after you brown the meat. and make sure you chop it up very, very small. you're going to fit them into -- we're going to pretend this is done. this is your taco seasoning. and we're going to pretend this is nice and brown already. then, you add just a little bit of water. about a quarter cup. >> that's really simple. >> that's very, very simple. and then, you -- and another thing that i like to do, is i take a 3 1/2-pound chuck roast. and i have my butcher grind it fresh for me. i make the little taco bites and the little sliders. ooh. you save money. you save money. and if you have it ground fresh like that, it tastes better. then, i drain off all the fat.
8:51 am
we try to do no fat, no salt and no sugar, to make everybody nice and neat. these are baby filo trays. what i do is i like to stuff the ground beef in it. you make a little taco bites, i call them. everything is on the website. what are you guys doing? you're not supposed to eat yet. they're already eating. and it's cold. wait. there's frozen bites over there. this is simple to do. hi. so nice to have you. oh. glad you guys are here. you have your cup. you have your ground beef. and you frost it like a little cake. you want to try one, george? >> i would love to. >> you take a little of the guacamole. fresh salsa and put that on top. and some sharp cheddar cheese. there you go. put the cheddar cheese on top. and you have little taco bites.
8:52 am
you ate nine of them. he's eaten the sliders. you've eaten too much. the sliders, very easy to do. the other half of the ground beef. you grill them in a nice, grill pan. you make them the size of a golf ball. then, you add cheese on it. the recipe's on the website. you'll know exactly how to cook it. what i do is take the regular hamburger bun. and you take a two-inch cookie cutter. >> i was wondering how you do that. >> then, you just cut it. just cut it. >> what do you do with the extra? >> that's a good question. >> give it to the dog. >> no. i keep it. and then, i use it for bread crumbs. you toast it up. there's no waste. i believe in no waste. so, we have our little buns. this is how they turn out. isn't that the cutest thing ever? >> you have some bean dip. >> we have white bean dip here. instead of having a fattening dip, this is for you guys.
8:53 am
i have big, beer pretzels for you guys so you can dip your pretzels in a bean dip. i have fresh crudet. and you haven't had anything healthy all morning. you better eat that. >> all the recipes on our website, thank you. >> thank you. [ ma announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think,
8:54 am
because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check.
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8:56 am
we're getting all the scoop on christina's family here. >> yeah. >> getting ready for super bowl sunday. full coverage on "gma." espn all weekend. and we have donald rumsfeld coming next week. >> we want the jets to win. >> they're not in the game. >> i know. dbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdb
8:57 am
caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis. when you're 16, nobody wants to go through back surgery.
8:58 am
my doctor has letters and pictures of other kids who've gone through the same thing on his walls and that really helped me not be as scared. i'm not worried about my back anymore. i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit ♪ the oakland police department announced just a short time ago that anthony batts will stay on as police chief. he made the decision after meeting with mayor jean quan and
8:59 am
other city officials. his future was uncertain after he didn't get the chief's job in san jose. we'll have more at midday news. the oakland police department's radio system has apparently not been fixed. it broke down twice in the last three days. the radio system broke first on wednesday night during an undercover drug bust then yesterday officers had to use hand signals while searching for three burglary suspects. not hard searching for sunshine and warmth. >> we'll have it in the afternoon hours. good morning. mid to upper 60s most neighborhoods. low 60s at the coast even 70s santa rosa and cloverdale and more around the bay and inland over the weekend while we hit the mid to upper 60s at the coast. frances. >> heavy traffic due to earlier accidents. slowing on northbound 280 north 101 past dela cruz and slow through mountain view because of an earlier accident. other


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